Our courses

Each Course we offer is designed to approach the different areas we need to know to become a Music Creator

Music Theory for composers

Before starting to compose, we will give you the necessary foundation to learn the Musical language you need. The course is structured from beginners' level to advance

Keyboard Harmony/Jazz

One of the most fundamental areas in modern music to cover. How to build chords, their function, how to combine them and how do they work within any piece of music or songs.


This Course will guide you through the process to control every note you make, adding a deep understanding of how music is developed and take your creations to another level of expertise.

Scoring for media

If you are iterested in composing for film and TV or other media such as video games and apps you need a course in film scoring that covers both the technical and creative aspects of writing film soundtracks, scoring TV shows and much more

What is a Canon Differences with imitation

Structural Harmony

The objective is to acquire all the fundamental topics to develop from scratch a solid knowledge in Harmony are presented impeccably and logically mixed with his ideas and with philosophical overtones that enrich the contents entirely not just to understand the rules instead of just follow them without why, enabling an expanded creativity in our pieces.

Exploring Atonal Music with WKMT

Musical Analysis

This course is designed for performers and composers who desire to get a deeper knowledge of how the elements of music interact with each other, giving a resulting combination we call “form”.


This Course is designed for all composers that want to expand their composition expertise with the massive instrumental capabilities that the orchestral sound can offer. Excellent for Film music makers!

The Origin of Harmony: A Physics view


This Course is designed to take your Music to a higher level of complexity and evolution. Counterpoint has been the foundation of every piece of music for the last 300 years and still is!

Composition for Electronic Musicians and Music Producers

The core structure of this course is to offer you the tools to create the tracks you always wanted to make but you felt they were missing parts that prevent to do so.

London WKMT Music Festival for Music Composers

Dive into the captivating world of music with our immersive course, perfect for both aspiring pianists and seasoned players eager to unravel the mysteries hidden within each note. Unlock the language of music, enhance your practice, and forge a profound connection with the masterpieces you play, elevating your performance  Listen deeper, and play better. Embark on this transformative journey today!

Our Comprehensive Music Theory for Beginners course is designed to provide adult learners with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music theory. Covering essential topics such as notation, harmony, and form analysis, this course offers clear and engaging lessons that will inspire and empower students to deepen their understanding of music. Whether you’re an aspiring performer or a music enthusiast, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to analyse and appreciate the beauty of music, enriching your musical journey.

Let us help you achieving your artistic goals in every step of the way.