Our courses

Each Course we offer is designed to approach the different areas we need to know to become a Music Creator

Music Theory and Harmony

Before starting to compose, we will give you the necessary foundation to learn the Musical language you need. The course is structured from beginners’ level to advance

Keyboard Harmony

One of the most fundamental areas in modern music to cover. How to build chords, their function, how to combine them and how do they work within any piece of music or songs.


This Course will guide you through the process to control every note you make, adding a deep understanding of how music is developed and take your creations to another level of expertise.


This Course is designed for all composers that want to expand their composition expertise with the massive instrumental capabilities that the orchestral sound can offer. Excellent for Film music makers!


This Course is designed to take your Music to a higher level of complexity and evolution. Counterpoint has been the foundation of every piece of music for the last 300 years and still is!

Composition for Electronic Musicians and Music Producers

The core structure of this course is to offer you the tools to create the tracks you always wanted to make but you felt they were missing parts that prevent to do so.

Let us help you achieving your artistic goals in every step of the way.