Music Appreciation Course

Have you ever felt the urge to delve beneath the surface of the pieces you’re playing? To truly appreciate the depth, complexity, and sheer artistry that goes into every note? That’s exactly what our course in musical appreciation offers. 


This course is tailored for both budding beginners and keen intermediate piano students, designed to deepen your understanding of music, its intricacies, and its profound beauty.


 Uncover the layers that lie hidden within every composition, learn the language of music, and see how it can enrich your piano practice. 


This journey is about more than improving your technical skills; it’s about fostering a profound connection with the music you play. 


So, join us, and let’s together explore the transformative power of understanding music, because the more deeply we listen, the more beautifully we play.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Gisela Paterno Gisela Paterno Author

Lesson 1: Introduction to Music Appreciation

Lesson 2: Baroque and Classical Music

Lesson 3: Romantic Music

Lesson 4: Music Theory Basics

Lesson 5: Music History Timeline

Lesson 6: Opera and Vocal Music

Lesson 7: The Piano as a Solo Instrument

Lesson 8: Music Appreciation Techniques and Criticism

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