Everything you need to know about making your own music.

Courses from beginner to advance level step by step

Compose your music works in partnership with WKMT

What we offer on online courses and one-to-one lessons

We offer different courses for different purposes. Each one is tailored to different needs through our three MODALITIES for approaching your learning path:

1. Self-Directed

Provides all necessary information to achieve your goals but without any guidance of the instructor. It entails a self-directed experience.

2. Guided by an instructor through graded assignments

It has the supervision of the instructor at the end of every module upon the presentation of written works by the student with the proper feedback of the instructor.

3. Permanent Instructor support: "one-to-one" lessons

Provides the instructor guiding the student on every step of the way, accommodating the concepts and activities according to the student needs and expectations.

Need advice?

Please don’t hesitate in calling if you need some guidance before taking any courses

How our Courses online work

We have an array of courses that cover everything you need to know to become a music creator. They all start at beginner level and progressively lead you to an advanced level through written resources, exercises, videos and graded quizzes.


“ I have been studying composition for 1 year and it has been an amazing journey. I feel more confident with my music and I feel I have enriched so much my musical knowledge! ”

Georgios Kommatas

Our Approach

We do know that any musical journey is full of milestones. It takes time to learn the language and discipline to go all the way. Our approach is getting you into the place you want to be step by step without feeling overwhelmed.

Our strategy is building a plan tailored according to what you specifically need, no matter the style or type of music you want to approach. The theory should serve to the practice and not vice-versa. At every step of the way, you will acquire the necessary concepts to help you in bringing in to life through your music.

Let us help you achieving your artistic goals in every step of the way.