Unleash your full creative potential! Discover the rich tapestry of musical expression with our illuminating study on Counterpoint- a timeless cornerstone of music composition that transcends genres. 

This is your passport to the mastery of weaving melodies into a mesmerizing soundscape, resonating from the symphonic grandeur of Mozart or Beethoven to the electrifying beats of Daft Punk. 

Our enlightening journey will empower you to craft your distinct sonic signature, whether you’re an aspiring Classical Contemporary Music composer, a progressive rock guitarist, a techno producer, or an Electronic Dance Music enthusiast. Let’s break down the barriers between classical and contemporary, acoustic and electronic. 

With Counterpoint, you’ll ignite a creative revolution in your music, whether it’s a symphony, a club banger, or an avant-garde soundscape and you will be able to unlock the secrets of music’s grand architecture. Dive into this technique, and let’s compose the music of your dreams together!


Course Information

Course Instructor

Gisela Paterno Gisela Paterno Author

MODULE 1: Species in Counterpoint  or Voice Leading Introduction

Module 2: 1st Species: note against note

Module 3: 2nd Species: 2 voices against one

Module 4: 3rd Species: 3 voices against one

Module 5: 4th Species. Suspension

Module 6: 5th Species: Florid or “Free” Counterpoint

Module 7: Three-Part Counterpoint

Module 8: Combination of Species in three voices

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