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 MODULE 1: Counterpoint. Introduction

MODULE 2: The beginning of Counterpoint 

MODULE 3: Modal Counterpoint. Renaissance period 

MODULE 4: Species in Counterpoint. General Guidelines

MODULE 5: 1st Species: note against note

MODULE 6: 2nd Species: 2 voices against one

MODULE 7: 3rd Species – 3 voices against one

MODULE 8 :4th Species – Suspension

MODULE 9: 5th Species: Florid or “Free” Counterpoint

MODULE 10: Three-part Counterpoint

MODULE 11: Four-Part Counterpoint or Chorale writing

MODULE 12: Canon

MODULE 13: Baroque period and the Countrapuntal Techniques

MODULE 14: The Single Melodic Line

MODULE 15: Counterpoint in Composition

MODULE 16: Fugue Vs. Fugato 

MODULE 17: Free Counterpoint and  Imitation Forms

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