MUSICAL THEORY: The Complete Course

This course is designed for beginners in Musical Composition that look to build up their musical language before taking the Composition course or any student who wants to know about music!

This course will give you the foundation to reach an advanced level in Musical Theory


Course Instructor

giselapaterno giselapaterno Author

Elementary: Preparatory Theory

Level 1: Basics of Musical Notation – Practical exercises

Level 2: Time Signatures (Cont.) Intervals

Level 3: Advanced Rhythmic concepts

Level 4: Scales

Acoustics: Overtone series and the beginning of Harmony



Family Chords: Minor Mode

Sevenths Chords

Chord Progressions


Non-Chord or Non-Harmonic Tones

Harmonisation of Melodies in Major and Minor Modes

Harmonic Rhythm

This section does not have any lessons.

Harmonic Textures

Chord Substitutions

This section does not have any lessons.

Neapolitan Chord


Greek Modes

Mode Mixture or Modal Interchange

Augmented Sixth Chords


Revision and Exercises

This section does not have any lessons.

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