• London WKMT Music Festival for Music Composers

    London WKMT Music Festival for Music Composers

    If you are a composer or a beginner in writing music, attending the WKMT Music Festival in London on June 10th, 2023, can be an incredible opportunity for you to grow as an artist and expand your knowledge and skills.   Firstly, the WKMT Music Festival is a gathering of musicians, composers, and music enthusiasts…

  • Exploring Atonal Music with WKMT

    Exploring Atonal Music with WKMT

    Learning all about atonal music with WKMT London.

  • Natural Harmonics on the Cello

    Natural Harmonics on the Cello

    Natural Harmonics have been used for centuries for many purposes. Gisela Paterno analyses natural harmonics for WKMT. One of the first and most practical ones is to rapidly change position in the instrument, especially on the Cello, when the distances are much larger than other string instruments such as the Viola or the Violin. From…

  • How melodies are written?

    How melodies are written?

    Tips for Writing Great Song Melodies on piano Have you ever wonder from where the melodies come? The usual answer is the inspiration of the composer. Still, truth be told, there are many aspects of songwriting that hide from the surface and composition students are certainly eager to know. This article covers this topic comprehensively. I examine the materials…

  • What does it take to become a composer

    This article is meant to clarify some concepts about the journey from the beginning of any composition student who aspires to create music; you can take it as a sort of roadmap if you wish. Regardless of your motivations, that can go from a wide range of  catalysts that cause this passion and  impetus to…