How melodies are written?

How melodies are written?

Tips for Writing Great Song Melodies on piano

Have you ever wonder from where the melodies come?

The usual answer is the inspiration of the composer. Still, truth be told, there are many aspects of songwriting that hide from the surface and composition students are certainly eager to know. This article covers this topic comprehensively. I examine the materials that contribute to a good melodic line and how to do it. The outlook of this article is for piano students as well. To raise the awareness of how a melody forms itself aids any student to enhance their performance, as well for piano tutors, to whom this article may provide some clarifying insights regarding the topic of how a melody is structured and therefore, enrich their piano lessons.

The article starts with some foundational concepts “active steps” in which is established with are the stable or unstable notes within a scale, followed by the “relative importance of the notes”, where a hierarchical list displays how in most melodies we perceived some notes over other ones.

Among other topics of interest, there is one in particular that can strike our attention “How to combine Harmony, Rhythm and Melody.” We can examine in detail two analysis of melodies: one from J.S.Bach from the Baroque period and on the other hand, an English hymn “Amazing Grace”. Both tunes have a superficial, simple structure, but beneath this apparent modesty in resources, lies a balanced combination of elements presented earlier in the article.

In conclusion…

We will see in this article some valuable concepts that will clear up essential topics when trying to grasp the intricate complexity of how a melody is structured: its components, its variations and its combinations. A theme is not just a catchy tune, inspired by an unknown muse; it has many layers beneath and behind it, and by knowing it will enrich any composition.

I am glad…

To share with you all in this my new blog this recent article. Do not hesitate to click on the link aforementioned to gain access to the full article with which you will learn all about writing melodies, tips and techniques.

From now on, I will be posting articles and references from articles of mine posted on WKMT Blog, for you to read and learn. Learning composition was never so easy!

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