Music composition lessons Buckhead Ridge, Glades County by WKMT London and

Music composition lessons Buckhead Ridge, Glades County by WKMT London and

Why should you study with us?

We are a music producer international community and school based in London and spread in UK, Spain and Argentina. 

The main idea supporting our tuition approach is the provision of professional composition lessons to our pupils worldwide. 

We offer students worldwide the unique possibility of learning composition with a professional and experienced composition teacher based in London who keep them participating in the activities of a famous music school in the UK. provides you with a system to learn, create and perform your pieces!

How do we record your pieces?

two times a year we give the chance to all our students to submit their works so the LAO – London Amateur Orchestra – can perform them within the frame of WKMT concerts.

How do I learn? works in a hybrid way. 

You can train in your free time using our interactive courses, you can request support in the shape of remote one to one lessons, and you are also able to join our weekly webinars. That’s the main advantage of belonging to a real physical school based in London which specialises in online lessons 

We provide Harmony, Music forms and Piano technique remote lessons directly from WKMT in Europe and the UK to enhance your music composition studies .

The best customer service

Despite offering remote learning solutions, we think out of the box and provide personalised student educational counceling 

You can add private lessons to your guided online course if you feel the need to do it. 

You take your final examination, using Skype, Facetime or Zoom so one of our WKMT London music teachers can assess you.

Centre in Spain and own string ensemble

All remote pupils are joined by default in a education grant contest for a week of intensive studies in WKMT campus in Mondonedo, Spain. 

During this week you will learn with fabulous professors for an entire week. The hospitality is arranged by the WKMT the same as the tutoring. 

You can access this course through an online application.

Would you like to start learning composition at a London music school from anywhere in the world?

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